Talk to Me

If you don’t tell me what I did

I won’t know how I treated you

I’d be ignorant of your pain

And maybe do it again 

I don’t want to hurt you

So just tell me the truth

About people I genuinely care 

So to your concerns I’ll be all ears 


So Much

There’s still so much of me

That I need to tell you about

There’s so much about you

That I would still like to know

So every moment we have together

I will let you in

To the vast space that is my mind

My ideas and goals will be shared with you

You get to travel at light speed

Through my memories too


No holding back

I want to dive into your thoughts

Deeper than anyone else has

Swim through the memories

Get to know the real you

There’s so much more

That any couple can share

There’s always room for growth