Long Forgotten

You just passed me by without even a look
Don’t remember me…do you?
I guess I can forgive you for the lapse
A good enough amount of time has passed
It all started with a note passed between two
You asked me how old I was
I replied that I was eighteen
You said that you were twenty-two
After I asked you the same
Next came…
The exchanging of the names

I had just gotten into this institution
While you were on your way out
Unlucky of us to become friend at that time
It would take a while to find out
You were more than a way home
More than all the meals we shared
I could sense something when around you
Like how much you really cared
Age was just a number to us
Because we were both kids at heart
Always in laughs and smiles from the start
Whispering back and forth in class
Playing table tennis right after
Then you would take me home
And we would wait to see each other…
The next day
If only things could have stayed
This way…

Life is so predictable at times
That the upcoming train wreck
Is hard to detect
Though we feel it drawing near
This institution was what kept us close
But as soon as you were free
There was no more use for me
So you left me alone for good
Texts went unanswered…
Calls went straight to the machine…
Never knew you to be this mean

What else could I do…but just let you go
Now years have gone by
Since the last time we talked
And that’s the way things must be
The two of us
Turned from friends
To simple



I must have been delusional

In my mind we were heading for something

I could see it in the distance

In the haze it appeared

A future

A purpose

I was prepared to never look back

I stuck to that

No worries

Or doubts

Because that’s what I’m about

So we walked step by step

As we got closer

The image before me distorted

I tried not to question it

You didn’t seem bothered

When I got to where I thought I belonged

I realized that you were

No longer by my side

And the thing that were headed to


Right into thin air

And there I stood


Cursing you


Cursing the mirage



She took his heart and drove him away

He was just another victim in the long line

Another casualty

Collateral damage on the dangerous road

He never saw it coming

It was all over in the blink of an eye

He used to be a good guy

Until her

With his heart missing

He would never again be the same

She carefully placed her prize

On the shelf with the others

She smiled to herself

It was so easy

It was always this easy

They practically offered their hearts to her

Instead of turning them away

She took it gladly

Worst than grim when it came to mercy

A collector of hearts was she

Can’t Escape

There’s not a day that goes by
That she isn’t on his mind
If he hadn’t ask for one before
Well, this is his sign
He tries his hardest to not think
But still, she is all he sees
No where to turn
When will he be able to break free?

A part of him likes that he sees her
Sometimes he goes out of his way to look
He is so caught up in this
He searches for her name in books
Every corner he banks
He wishes she would be on the other side
He is hurt a bit
When this wish is denied

His eyes see his un-winnable prize
And all he can do is sigh
He can’t turn away
And doesn’t know why
He decides he wants to see no more
Tries his hardest to think of anything else
But this is easier said than done
Nature and life wont offer any help
Maybe it’s a signal
That shows how much his heart yearns
Because for some reason
He sees her…
Everywhere he turns

Endless Tears

I don’t cry because I can’t get you

Because that’s just how things must be

These tears are not the effect of you leaving

Or because your beautiful face

I can no longer see each day

These tears have a reason

That no one will figure out

They run across my face as though

Slipping from my eyes

And there is no stopping them from falling

I’ve tried and tried…

I’m not crying because I’m hurt

Knowing that my heart

Fell to the dirt right under your foot

Then moments later broke

Or that everything I tried to do

Went up before my eyes

In smoke as the ashes came down

I’m not crying because I gave up

On something that meant so much

These tears are not because I miss you

And everyday I can’t help but think of you

Not even because it could never be

I’m not crying because you couldn’t love me

I’m not crying because we never had a future

Not because things can never go back to the way they were

I cry because I’m afraid

That I’ll be crying forever…

I Am Tired

I Am Tired

I’m tired of seeing people holding hands
Because I don’t understand
Why I have to be a single man
When all women say to me is
You’re so adorable
But I can’t be with you
You would make a good boyfriend
But I can’t be with you
You would make any girl happy
If I am so perfect
Then why am I alone
Why must I end each day
In an empty home
When there are guys who are not as good
Getting more girls than they could
Ever treat right
It’s not right
Why must I be the one
Who is alone at night?
With no one to hold
In the sheets
Just playing with the folds

I Am Tired

I’m tired of seeing people
With their phones glued to their ears
People giggling together everywhere
I try to act like I don’t care
But it gets to me
That is all I see
He places a kiss on her cheek
As together they eat
Oh how sweet
Using one straw
To drink a milkshake
Fighting over the last fry
If only I could be that guy
But no
Life won’t allow things to be so
I eat in the table in the corner
By myself
I walk to class everyday
By myself
I look up at the full moon
By myself
And I must realize that this is the way it will be
For a while now it has just been me

I Am Tired

I am tired of lying in bed
And praying that the phone rings
Or that a text comes in
Sitting in the darkness of my room
This wont work
Man, I wish I had homework
Because it’s the only thing that can occupy my mind
When I find
That I start tripping
Reality starts to fade and I start slipping
Thinking of things not worth thinking of in the first place
Like why do good guys finish last in this race?
Can you see the scars of love on my face?
Can you see the past in my eyes?
Having to give up the girls I wanted
To these unworthy guys
They couldn’t make them smile
Like I would
They won’t do almost anything
Like I would
They can’t make them feel like the only girl in the world
Like I would

I Am Tired

I’m tired of cupid’s arrows
Because they have no eyes to see
That I do not want to be
Head over heels
Does cupid know how it feels?
To be in love with someone
He is not the one with the broken heart
He is not the one who can’t sleep at night
He won’t be there to tell me it’s alright
So why does he shoot me
Why is it that we cannot control who we fall for?
If I could I would fall no more
I’m begging…
My poor knees
I fell so much that the ground knows me by name
It’s such a shame
When will I win…this love game

I Am Tired


Eternal Anguish


How could this happen to me?

Fallen victim once again.

I swore it would never come to this.

I remember the day when

I was down on my knees,

Begging for a release.

Insomnia has become an unwanted friend:

There for me when all are asleep.

We became close easily,

Now a friend I hate to keep.

My head hurts…

Thoughts ringing through.

I don’t know what to do.

My voice is hoarse and ready to leave,

Surprised I can still shout.

Even if it were to go,

It’s something I can do without.

So I open my mouth

And let my heart scream:

It was becoming too much for the poor guy to endure.

Broke the down the lacrimal dams,

Let the tears leak onto the floor.

Their paths down my face

Are still clearly traced,

And their origins…

Just empty space.

My fists are clenched so tightly

That the flow of blood has almost stopped,

But through it all,

Not once has my pen dropped:

Bleeding every emotion that I feel

Onto these lines of these pages,

As I go through these stages

Of this thing called love.

In my chest it seems

That something is missing,


Faint beat.

I’ve lost the feeling in my feet,

Knees once again to the floor,

Asking for nothing more

Than to not be awake.

How much more of this

Will I have to take?

I don’t want to live

With this constant



Running From a Savior

Day by day I feel you start to slip
I try to tighten my grip…
But it always remains just to loose
Then I realize that you’re fighting
The stranger holding your arm
When I never meant you any harm
In your eyes…
I’m no longer the same…
I try calling your name…
But my voice is an unfamiliar sound
You don’t turn around
I walk away with my head down
What we were is all I ever wanted to be
Now it’s just a memory
You don’t know me…
Not anymore…
I really deplore
The way things are now
I don’t know how
They ever got this way
I thought you would always stay
I hope everything will be alright
I hope I make it through the lonely nights
I hope I don’t shed too many tears
Wishing you were still here
Then I remember
That at the end of my rope
I had almost given up hope
I let my white horse run away
And I hang up my armor
Because I could no longer save the day
I wish I could go back in time
Back to when you where mine
Back to the time that I…
I felt alive

La Maldicion (The Curse)

A decision?
Might as well make it a conscious one
La decision de quedarse solo (The decision of being alone)
One that might save me in the future
From what I try to avoid
Keeping me at peace
Salvacion (Salvation)

You know what I mean
But what does running get you?
Sooner or later
That which you run from catches you
It devours you
Ahogamiento que en la ascuridad (Drowning in the darkness)
It’s never easy this thing
When one gives too much
If I had known this was to come
I’d have stopped from doing as such
Experience taught me so much
I could have gotten a golden star
Como podria olvidar? (How could I forget?)
Or did I just refuse to listen?
Thinking that this time
Things would be different

It’s that time again
Once more hitting the road
As a comfort bringing friend
Donde esta el equilibrio? (Where is the balance)
How much further should I go?
To find an escape
A place where I no longer have to run
Is there no way to break
La maldicion? (The curse)

Walking Away From The Pain

That glimmer in your eye

I try to catch it every time

Seeing it makes my day

And I wish I knew why

What did you do to me?

It happened too fast

I didn’t even see

Now a day without your smile

Is like a snow globe with no snow

I feel like a wanderer with no place to go

Just empty…

Around you I feel complete

Could you be the missing piece…

To this puzzle I’ve been trying to finish?

If you want me on my knees…

Well, here I am

When it comes to you, I have no need for pride

I’ll say it from mountain high

I want to be yours

And have you as mine

If only you could change your mind

Would you see what I see?

Could I be the one you need?

Just give us a try

Give me one night

One chance

To prove your intuition wrong

Hear my heart’s song

Let’s dance to the beat

If I could change your mind

It will be worth your while

Say yes with that beautiful smile

If not then give me one last kiss

I’ll walk away forever

You, I will miss