30 Day Challenge – Day 04

Day 04 – Your Views on Religion

Well,  quite simply, I’d say that I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual.

I don’t believe in going to church every week. Even though I went to the Moravian School for elementary and the Seventh Day Adventist School for middle through high school. I was religious at first, but I realized that it was all about how you lived your life. I decided to just never be able to apologize for lying, stealing, and killing every single day.

In college I prayed and prayed for my mother’s happiness, as I’d been doing since the sixth grade. I never saw results. I even went to a pastor with questions and all he had to say was “have faith” in response to every question. After that, I only went to church if my significant other asked.

It was hard breaking the news to my devout Catholic mother, but I was honest. In my mind, good people shouldn’t have to go through so much pain.

Anywho, I believe in a higher power. I just don’t know who or what it is.

Secretly, I will not follow the religion that enslaved my ancestors. I just can’t.

I might ruffle feathers, but I’m always honest and to the point.


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