Nice Fit

When people say that have a type

There are certain things one looks for

A criteria is made that must be reached

They want nothing less or nothing more

Thinking that this perfect person

Will end up being a soul mate

I don’t easily say I have a type

For I’m a man of many tastes

But when I do search for specifics

I stick to a very strict trend

Like the ankle

She has to have all the right bends

The largest part of her is her brain

That’s the way I feel

Makes her easy to be distinguished

Like the bones of the heel

Just like the arch of the instep

She has to be able to offer me support

While thinking on these words

You may not get this

But if what I say is true

We may all have a foot fetish

Looking for balance

Like what is given by toes

The ‘sole’ is very tender

It has to be careful where it goes

I’m looking for what fits for me

Searching far and wide

I set up for her a type

That I hope she can fit inside

Now I’m wishing on the stars

That make up the little dipper

That she’s everything I want

And fits into my imaginary…

Glass Slipper


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