Passion Room

The door to chambers are pushed open
In she walks with hesitant steps
Her eyes catch him in the bed
They stay fixed as she gets closer

Each step heightens the already overflowing anxiety
She tries quiescence to avoid detection
No need for all the caution
For he stirs when she reaches the edge of the bed

Sitting upright, his legs find their way around her
Shyly she stands between them
Not wanting to meet his eyes
She looks anywhere but at him

He stands in front of her
Eyes locked on the windows to her soul
Hers have nowhere else to go now
With her face held in place by his hand

Coarse fingers trace over wanting flesh
Goosebumps ripple from her shoulders down her body
Hairs stand on edge from the sensations
His powerful kiss nearly breaks her

Every kiss on her body causes her womb to clench
Her soft hands touching him
Crumble his hard exterior
He loves having her to himself

When his monolith member makes motion
They both let out a gasp of passion
Rocking their bodies in a rhythmic escape
They get closer to the big release

I love you’s are whispered in ears
His fingers entangle in her hair
Her nails dig into his flesh
They kiss

Their passion climaxes when they do
Bodies lay in the aftermath of love
She still quivers from the ripples of passing orgasms
He lays in exhaustion, looking at her
Her eyes catch his once more
They kiss


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