La Maldicion (The Curse)

A decision?
Might as well make it a conscious one
La decision de quedarse solo (The decision of being alone)
One that might save me in the future
From what I try to avoid
Keeping me at peace
Salvacion (Salvation)

You know what I mean
But what does running get you?
Sooner or later
That which you run from catches you
It devours you
Ahogamiento que en la ascuridad (Drowning in the darkness)
It’s never easy this thing
When one gives too much
If I had known this was to come
I’d have stopped from doing as such
Experience taught me so much
I could have gotten a golden star
Como podria olvidar? (How could I forget?)
Or did I just refuse to listen?
Thinking that this time
Things would be different

It’s that time again
Once more hitting the road
As a comfort bringing friend
Donde esta el equilibrio? (Where is the balance)
How much further should I go?
To find an escape
A place where I no longer have to run
Is there no way to break
La maldicion? (The curse)


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