Why Do We Do This

why do we do this

Enjoying the time now because it will end soon.
They stare up together into the moon.

On his lips she plants a kiss,
Then she asks him, “Why do we do this?
Why do we do this when the future is written in stone.
My heart will never be yours and yours will never be mine to own.
Why is it that even though this is only temporary,
There is no other place that I’d rather be.
If I know it cannot be, why are you the one I prefer?”
She says the words as she moves in a bit closer.

His Silence remains for a while as he thinks about what she said.
He starts his response after he kisses her on the head.
“We both want the same thing: someone to just be there.
We are both in need of someone to show that they care.
At times I know that it may be hard to understand,
But you need to realize that we are only human.
If I wanted, I could make you the only one:
Because with you everything seems so fun.”

They hold on to each other, not making a sound.
They are both glad about what they found.
They remain together in that close embrace,
Then he takes his hand and holds her face.
They look each other deep in the eyes,
But in their heads all that’s heard is why.
Why do they do this when it will soon end?
But then again why hide feelings and try to pretend?
They know they have something that will soon go,
So the theme they stick to is..
“Go with the flow”


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