Behind the Screens (Long Distance)

behind the screens

This is what the others went through?

When I was lucky to have you

And they were alone

Now that sting has become my own

I look in your direction and all I see

Is a sea stretched out from my shore…to yours

I look on because I hear you calling for me

And I’m calling too, for you

We both long to be one again

To run again

Or walk…or even crawl…

We want it all

The phone rings and it’s you

So close to my ear

And still far from here

Hanging up is like giving up

Then I’m left to think about everything about you

That makes me happy

To say I’m missing you is an understatement

Though I wonder if all of you went

Because I still feel you here

Next to me in the chair

I can hear the breaths you take

I feel your head in my lap

If I try harder I see you

Rub my eyes not true

MSN dings

You signed in

Fingers fly across the keyboard as we chat

That’s that…

Cameras come on

And before long…

I can see you smiling at me again

My bestest friend

When will this feeling we feel end?

Lonelyness shows its persistence

During this long distance

It would drive me to scream

If I were to break my nightly routine

To not be able to see you

Even if it’s only

Trapped behind this screen


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