When my hand touched yours
There was a glimmer in your eye
Asked for the reason
I guess I’ll tell you why
I want to be the vault you trust
Where many things you can confide
A sturdy shoulder to lean on
I am always able to provide

I’ll do my best to keep you happy
Make sure that you are cared for
I’ll be the solution to your problems
You won’t search for answers anymore
I don’t know what else I can tell you
Because it may just seem cliché
But I want to be there for you
And help fight those fears away

When looking at my scores
The test of valor I have passed
I know it might not be simple
But to give me your trust is all I ask
When I make the effort to reach out
I’m hoping that you don’t pull back
Do what you think is natural
Don’t be quick to react

Based on the strength of your feelings
You can do this is one of many ways
They can be loosely together
Or interlocked so that they will stay
The warmth that you feel
Will let you know that I am here
The longer that you hold on
Guarantees that I remain near

One thing is for certain
The stronger my feelings grow
The tighter my grip will be
And the harder it’ll be for me to let go
I’m not looking for anything from you
Not asking you to make me your man
Only asking you to take that first step
And simply hold my hand


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